Menu example

menuApp allows you to create custom menus and use them to launch your favourite programs, music files, documents, websites, etc.

It's a small and simple app, which is easy to setup using the configuration editor.

Download the installer to give it a try.



Download Installer

The install includes starter configuration which is deployed if there is no existing config on your machine. Use the editor (CTRL-ALT-A to launch) to change the config.


  • menuApp takes folders and turns them into menus

    For example, you can point menuApp at your documents folder and it will draw a menu listing all your documents.

    Or you can point it to a folder full of mp3s and the mp3s will appear on the menu.

    Click on any item on the menu and it will be launched as if you clicked on it in Explorer.

    If there are sub-folders they will appear as sub-menus.

  • menuApp is flexible

    Using menuApp you can display a menu from a shortcut...

    ...or via hotkeys.

    ...or by double-clicking on the desktop.

    ...or by clicking on the system tray icon.

  • menuApp understands special Windows folders

    So you can tell menuApp to draw a menu containing the items from your QuickLaunch bar or from your Desktop.

  • menuApp knows about tasks

    Which means that menuApp can display a menu containing a list of the programs currently running on your computer. Select one and you switch to it.

  • menuApp has some other smart features

    For instance a background server to minimize menu load times.

  • menuApp has a Configuration Editor

    Which makes setup easy!